Otosan Throat Spray Forte

Otosan Throat Spray Forte


Otosan Throat Spray Forte creates a film with a barrier effect on the irritated mucosa, which protects, moisturises and soothes the irritated mucosa, providing relief for:

  • irritation and burning of the oropharyngeal mucosa;

  • painful swallowing;

  • hoarseness accompanied by a dry cough;

  • dryness of the oropharynx caused by external irritants or environmental factors (sudden changes in humidity and temperature, passive smoking).



  • Otosan throat spray formula, with an orange taste, creates a resistant film with a barrier effect on the irritated mucosa, ensuring long-lasting hydration and providing a sensation of freshness and relief.

    The local action of Otosan Throat Spray Forte:

    • Calms symptoms associated with throat irritation;

    • Acts as an adjuvant in the treatment of acute pharyngitis and loss of voice;

    • Protects the mucosa from external agents, allowing it to recover its normal function.

    Thanks to the combination of its polysaccharide components, Otosan Throat Spray Forte develops mucoadhesive properties enabling a long-lasting action.