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Nausea Relief Pulse Point Balm

Nausea Relief Pulse Point Balm

Our Nausea Relief Pulse Point Balm is a handmade, all-natural, aromatherapy pulse point treatment to use when you are feeling nauseous.


We looked everywhere for an affordable nasuea relief blend and we couldn't find one, so we worked with our supplier to make one exclusively for us.


We've included peppermint, ginger and grapefruit essential oils which are all known to help ease the symptoms of nausea.


This pocket-sized balm is the perfect size to be carried around for instant application and relief.



  • This pocket sized pulse point balm is a 10g serving in an aluminium pot with a screw tight lid which means it can be safely carried around in a purse or pocket to help relieve your nausea wherever you are.

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