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Hybrid Magnetic Liner for False Eyelashes

Hybrid Magnetic Liner for False Eyelashes

Magnetic Liner is needed for magnetic eyelashes and Lola's Lashes Hybrid Magentic Liner provides the next evolution in magnetic lash technology. The unique formula combines the easy application of magnetic liner plus the extra security of lash adhesive for that ultra-secure hold.


  • Double hold liner
  • Easy to apply
  • Superfast dry time
  • All day secure hold
  • Ultrafine liner brush for the finest ever liner line
  • Lightweight formula - it just glides on
  • Easily removable with any good eye makeup remover
  • This unique formula makes placing your lashes much easier than with traditional lash glue. Combined with latex-free lash adhesive, Lola's Lashes Hybrid Magnetic formula gives you that double hold effect and the extra comfort of knowing your lashes are secure without the need for lash glue.

    With a new and improved superfine liner brush and lightweight eyeliner formula, the Hybrid Magnetic Liner glides on and keeps your lashes in place with only a thin line and with next to no dry time.

    If you love the easy lash application of magnetic lashes but are looking to create a more precise liner look then Lola's Lashes Hybrid Magnetic Liner will be your perfect match.

    The Hybrid Magentic Liner can be easily removed with most good quality eye makeup removers or with the Finishing Touch Up Pen which is included in the lash kits.


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