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Cherry Stone Pillow

Cherry Stone Pillow

Cherry stone pillows have been used in Switzerland for hundreds of years to provide hot and cold therapy. Cherry stone pillows (or Kirschsteinkissen) are a popular alternative to the more common wheat packs because they retain their heat for longer. They can also be washed and will not break down or smell 'musty' after being soaked and dried again.


Suitable for painful joints, migraines, hot flushes, stomach cramps and arthritis sufferers.


Can be used hot or cold.

  • The pillow is filled with cherry stones which can be easily and quickly heated in the microwave. It then radiates warmth for hours, never getting colder than body temperature. Cherry Stone pillows tend to be firmer than wheat pillows and will mold themselves to the body which helps to spread heat evenly.

    • BSI Accredited
    • Hand made in Belgium
    • 100% Bio Cotton
    • Size 27cm x 27cm
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