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Bamboo Yoga Turban (multiple colours)

Bamboo Yoga Turban (multiple colours)

Our Bamboo Yoga Turban is a classic design which is quick and easy to fit. The turban has a beautiful piping design and will suit any wardrobe and lifestyle, making it one of our bestsellers. 


- Easy to fit and style

- Ideal for sporting purposes

- Smart and classic design

- Available in a large variety of colours

- One size fits most.

  • The Bamboo Yoga Turban is made from Caretech bamboo. The all-natural bamboo-viscose fabric is breathable, moisture absorbant and extremely soft and comfortable, keeping your head warm and dry at all time.


    The ribbed effect of this turban gives it a slight height, so it does not fit flat onto your head, giving your head more of a defined shape.