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Evonail Update

Bottle of Evonail Nail Repair Solution

Have you been wondering why you can’t find Evonail Repair Solution in stock anywhere?

Evonail Repair used to be the go to product for chemo nails. It was recommended by doctors, nurses and cancer patients around the world in order to prevent nail damage during chemotherapy treatment.

You only have to Google Evonail to find hundreds of positive reviews of this ‘hero’ product. Evonail has been clinically proven for preventative purposes at the start of taxane based chemotherapy, to significantly reduce the incidence of onycholsis (the loosening or separation of the nail from the nail bed) in breast cancer patients. Evonail has also been shown to soothe inflammation and reduce the severity of onycholsis where it has already developed.

But unfortunately Evaux Laboratoires, the French-based manufacturer of Evonail, has gone into administration with no more stock of Evonail available.

This is obviously extremely disappointing, and we've spent months looking for alternative products to help prevent and repair chemotherapy related nail damage.

Alternative products to help look after chemotherapy damaged nails


Polybalm is a natural nail remedy and it's one of the few nail products we've found that has been clinically proven to reduce chemotherapy related nail damage.

Polybalm moisturises the skin and prevents drying, splitting and cracking of the nail during chemotherapy treatment.

Find out more about Polybalm here.

MEME Nail Care Pen

MEME Nail Care Pen with silicon which has been specifically created to help strengthen and nourish nails that have been weakened by cancer treatment.

MÊME is a french cosmetic brand entirely dedicated to women affected by cancer.

MEME Nail Care Pen repairs, soothes and nourishes nails and cuticles with clinically proven results:

  • Fights against splitting for 77% of women*

  • Nails are repaired for 75% of women*

  • Cuticles are soothed for 74% of women*

Find out more about MEME Nail Care Pen here.

MEME Fortifying Solution

MEME Fortifying Solution has been specifically created for cancer patients to strengthen, repair and stimulate the re-growth of nails that have been damaged by cancer treatments.

MÊME is a french cosmetic brand entirely dedicated to women affected by cancer.

MEME Fortifying Solution strengthens and repairs very damaged nails with the following clinical results:

  • Nails grow faster in 73% of cases*

  • Nails are harder in 82% of cases*

  • Nails are more resistant in 86% of cases*

Find out more about MEME Fortifying Solution here.


FlexiNail has shown impressive results although not necessarily with cancer patients. FlexiNail repairs dry, brittle, splitting or weak, peeling nails.

For a nail product to show long term results, it needs to penetrate the nail which is made of alpha keratin and is very different in composition to skin. Most conditioning oils don't penetrate - they just sit on top of the nail, absorbing into the cuticle - but not the nail itself. FlexiNail has a unique and precise formulation enabling it to penetrate into the nail plate, stimulating healthy looking fingernail growth.

Find out more about FlexiNail here.


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