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Evonail Update

Bottle of Evonail Nail Repair Solution

Have you been wondering why you can’t find Evonail Repair Solution in stock anywhere?

Evonail Repair is by far our most popular chemotherapy nail care product. It’s recommended by doctors, nurses and cancer patients around the world in order to prevent nail damage during chemotherapy treatment.

You only have to Google Evonail to find hundreds of positive reviews of this ‘hero’ product. Evonail has been clinically proven for preventative purposes at the start of taxane based chemotherapy, to significantly reduce the incidence of onycholsis (the loosening or separation of the nail from the nail bed) in breast cancer patients.

Evonail has also been shown to soothe inflammation and reduce the severity of onycholsis where it has already developed.

But Evonail is currently out of stock – everywhere.

We contacted Evaux Laboratoires, the French-based manufacturer of Evonail and they confirmed that sadly the company has gone into administration with no more stock of Evonail available.

This is obviously extremely disappointing, so we’ve been taking a closer look at the ingredients in Evonail to try to understand what made it so effective.

What are the key ingredients in Evonail?

Evonail is a film-forming solution designed to protect nails from the damaging effects of cancer treatment. The Evonail solution is rich in the trace elements of silica, lithium, fluorine and manganese which are all naturally present in Evaux-les-Bains thermal spring water, where Evaux Laboratoires was based.

Upon application to the nails and surrounding skin, the Evaux spring water-based solution forms a film on the nails that serves as a protective barrier. This prevents water loss from, provides moisture to, and strengthens the nails, and protects them from damage. The solution also relieves pain caused by cracked, peeled, thinning or soft nails.

It is claimed that the trace elements, in particular the high silica content that make Evonail Repair Solution so effective.

It is suggested that silica moisturises and regenerates, lithium has an anti-inflammatory effect and manganese heals and is an antioxidant.

Evonail also contains chlorphenesin and piroctone olamine, both of which have antifungal activity.

Plus, evonail contains an UVA/UVB filter which blocks out UV radiation offering additional protection to nails which have become photosensitised from chemotherapy treatment. Photosensitivity is an enhanced skin response to ultraviolet radiation (sunlight) which can be a side effect of certain chemotherapy drugs.

In our next blog, we'll look at whether there are any alternative products to Evonail.

In the meantime, please do let us know what alternative products you or your loved one have been using to care for nails during chemotherapy in the comments below.