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Product Recommendations for Nailcare During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatment can damage nails, leaving them dry, weak and brittle. Below we list products that have been recommended by people going through cancer treatment to protect and care for chemo nails.

Evonail Nail Repair

               An update on my nails. I'm now day 7 of Tax number 2 (of 5) and have been using Evonail since the week before my second dose. My nails are still strong and healthy. No ridges, no lifting, no splitting.


Body Shop Aloe Body Butter

               The Body Shop Aloe Butter is another must-have for anyone on chemo. Another cancer patient gave this to me, and now I'm passing along the recommendation. Chemo damages your nails and can even make them fall off, but this stuff has thus far been my nails' own guardian angel. I have all my nails and they never even got dark or brittle.

Parker Dempsey

Palmers concentrated-cream.jpg
Palmers Cocoa Butter

              Palmers concentrated cream worked wonders on dry hands and cuticles. Early days  as chemo only finished  last week but up to now apart from being yellow don't have any other problem fingers crossed!


Evonail Nail Repair

         The onc gave me a prescription for Evonail to paint on my finger and toenails and the surrounding skin each morning which I have religiously done. 13 days post first Tax and my nails have never been better. All strong, good colour with no discolouration or ridges at all.


Evonail Nail Repair

            I was told it's the nail varnish remover which dries nails out & the nurse recommended Benecos nail varnish & remover because it's made of natural ingredients.  It looks just like any other varnish, but you have to rub a little harder to get it off.


Evonail Nail Repair

                 Been using Evonail now all the time on hands and feet. Still using original bottle after two months plus and my nails are the best they have ever been. Strong, long and no discoloration.



If there's a product that you'd like to recommend, we'd love to hear from you. Either tag us in on social media using #CancerPal or email us at

More tips on how to help your loved one look after their nails during and post cancer treatment, can be found in CancerPal's Guide to Looking After Nails During Chemotherapy Treatment or you can browse the CancerPal online shop for cancer Nail Care products.

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