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When my amazing Mum was going through cancer treatment, I spent hours and hours researching the answers to questions like "How can I help Mum keep her nails during chemo?" or "How should Mum look after her fragile hair regrowth post chemo?".  I often found myself going round in circles with lots of information and advice contradicting each other.

So we have decided to put together these Expert Guides which have been comprehensively researched and curated using information and feedback directly from those who have been affected by cancer.

Chemo Nails

CancerPal Guide to Looking After Nails During Chemotherapy Treatment


CancerPal Guide to Chemotherapy Side Effects - Diarrhoea

Cancer Gift Guide

'Ticking off Breast Cancer' Guide to Gift Ideas for Someone Going Through Cancer Treatment

Chemo Headscarf

'Chemotherapy Headwear' Guide to Tying  your Chemo Headscarf

Sizing Chemo Headwear

CancerPal Guide to Choosing the Right Size Headwear

Scalp Massage

CancerPal Guide to Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

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