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Post-chemo hair growth timeline

Image showing Anna's hair pre and post chemotherapy treatment

We are so grateful to Anna, the voice behind MyCancerChic for sharing with us her post-chemo hair growth timeline - a powerful visual to help us understand just how long it takes hair to get back to its pre-chemo length. As  a young breast cancer survivor/advocate & style enthusiast Anna strives to empower young women to thrive in the face of adversity with strength, self-confidence and style and I think you'll all agree that Anna is absolutely nailing it.

You can find Anna on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook plus if you enjoy this blog, in the next related blog, Anna shares her tips on how to style short post-chemo hair.


The most popular topic I get asked about is hair growth post-chemo. How fast will it grow and what will it look like after chemo. I struggled to find resources online to give me inspiration and hope while waiting for my hair to grow, so I created this hair timeline to help others. You can see all the various stages of my hair loss and growth from chemo to 3 years post-chemo.

Hair Growth Timeline


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