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Share your tips and product recommendations

Thank you for your interest in sharing your experience with our community.

What are we looking for?

Cancer treatments are full of nasty symptoms and side effects. If you’ve gone through cancer treatment, or if you've supported someone going through cancer treatment, you’ll understand the side effects and you’re likely to have found some of the best ways of treating them.

We want to share your experience with other people going through the same treatments so that we can help them to alleviate some of those nasty side effects.

How do I submit my tips?

We accept tips in 2 formats:

  • Video clips

  • Word docs

Visitors to our website love video clips, just grab your mobile phone and film yourself. But if you’re not confident in front of a camera, we’ll happily post a written recommendation instead.

What should I say?

  • Start with a brief introduction about yourself – just tell us what you are happy to share, but it’s always nice to know your name and your experience of cancer i.e. previously had cancer, currently have cancer, healthcare specialist, carer of someone living with cancer etc.

  • Tell us a bit about your cancer – again only share as much as you want to, but it can be helpful to let us know what type of cancer you have and the type of treatment(s) you’ve had.

  • Be as specific as you can – for example not all chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss and so it’s helpful to explain exactly what drugs you were taking and the dose/frequency if you can.

  • Focus in on one set of side effects – we know you’re likely to have had lots of different side effects, but it would be really helpful if you let us know about one set of side effects at a time – you can submit as many tips as you like.

  • And of course don’t forget to tell us what worked for you to alleviate the side effects.

  • Video clips should be approximately 2-3 minutes long – it’s better to submit multiple short clips if you have lots of recommendations. And written tips should be no longer than 500 words.

Please include the following:

  • For video clips please include a short title outlining the content of the clip e.g. “Sore mouth from chemo” clip.

  • For written tips, please include a photo of yourself (if you want to).

  • Email your tips and clips to:

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with our cancer community.

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