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Waterless Body Wash 200ml

Waterless Body Wash 200ml

Nilaqua® Antimocrobial Skin Cleanser is a unique water based skin cleansing foam, which really cleans skin without the additional need for water or rinsing. The clever towel off® formula combines with dirt and sweat, which is lifted into the solution and removed by thoroughly towel drying.


Nilaqua® is the original and hospital approved deep cleansing solution and the next best thing to having a shower! Dispensed as a foam for ease of use whilst bed bound & kind and gentle for repeated use.

    • Shampoo and condition hair with no water, no mess, no rinsing
    • Leaves hair fresh and clean
    • Ready to use
    • May be warmed in a microwave to provide a warm comfortable patient shampooing experience (please check temperature before use).
    • Latex free and alcohol free
    • Ethanol & paraben free
    • Can be used on coloured and permed hair
    • Single use
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