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Tricomin Reinforcing Conditioner

Tricomin Reinforcing Conditioner

Most solutions for fragile hair tend to focus solely on hair strands, neglecting the scalp entirely. However, Tricomin Clinical’s philosophy is to treat the scalp with the same dedication as skincare and hair vitality is sure to follow.


TRICOMIN CLINICAL is a multi-care health system with copper peptides, essential amino acids and minerals – deliberately and precisely formulated to work wellness wonders on stressed, fragile hair.


Tricomin Reinforcing Conditioner is a moisture-rich formula to reinforce and strengthen hair to minimize strand breakage and split ends.


Triamino Copper Complex®, a patented peptide blend of copper and amino acids, is known to be instrumental in the maintenance of hair and scalp wellness.


177.4ml or 6fl oz. 


Always read the label before use.

  • Use Tricomin Reinforcing Conditioner after shampooing with Tricomin Densifying Shampoo, massaging into wet hair and scalp. Leave on 2-3 minutes. Rinse well.

    For best results, after towel-drying, apply Tricomin Energy Spray.

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