Sorry that you're going through chemo - Empathy Card

Sorry that you're going through chemo - Empathy Card


Send support to someone you love who is recieving chemotherapy.


"Cancer sucks and I'm so sorry that you are going through chemo! I'm available to cook bland, tasteless meals, prepare Milk of Magnesia cocktails and binge watch Netflix with you anytime. Under the circumstances I'll even let you choose what we watch! Seriously, I'm here to support you and help you get through this!"


We can send cards to you or directly to the recipient with your handwritten message.

  • A6 card with matching kraft envelope.

    Printed on recycled, 300gsm kraft card stock.

    Blank inside for your own message.

    Designed and produced with love by Elizabeth Hutchins/Indigo Skylark. Beth went through a year of cancer treatment including chemo in 2011 and found that receiving cards of encouragement was very important because it helped to know that people were thinking of you and cheering you on through cancer treatment.