Anton Hubner Silicea Shampoo

Anton Hubner Silicea Shampoo


Anton Hubner Silica Shampoo for volume and healthy-looking hair. Silica shampoo gives your hair noticeable volume and strengthens it from the root. The exclusive formula with silica and biotin gives your hair brilliant shine and cares for stressed and sensitive scalps.


This shampoo is pH balanced and regulates the moisture content of both your hair and scalp.


- 200ml

- Vegan

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  • Silica smooths the surface of the hair and makes the hair glossy and attractive. Silicone is slippery making hair feel silky, smooth and easy to detangle which can be helpful for fragile chemo hair.

    Aloe Vera Gel soothes and moisturises the skin, supporting the natural regeneration of a sensitive, irritated scalp. The surface of the hair is sealed, and damaged sections of hair are repaired.

    Brown Millet gives the hair natural shine.