Silicea Shampoo

Silicea Shampoo


Hübner, a German brand is the world’s best selling silica.


Silicea Shampoo contains high-quality organic herbal active ingredients for damaged, brittle, dull hair and a sensitive scalp.


The pure mineral silica gel and nurturing Aloe Vera gel, gives the hair more vitality, density and volume, by reinforcing the intracellular connections within the hair and repairing the hair fibres and supporting the natural regeneration of the hair.


- 200ml

- Vegan

  • - Silica smooths the surface of the hair and makes the hair glossy and attractive.

    - Aloe Vera gel, soothes and moisturises the skin, supporting the natural regeneration of a sensitive, irritated scalp. The surface of the hair is sealed, and damaged sections of hair are repaired.

    - Brown millet gives the hair natural shine.