RenewYOU Rehydrate Moisturiser

RenewYOU Rehydrate Moisturiser


RenewYOU Skincare is a range of skincare products specially formulated for people going through cancer treatment using 'clean' ingredients.


The Rehydrate Moisturiser is a rich lotion loaded with Pentapeptides which mproves skins appearance with a soothing luxurious feel whilst helping to prevent future damage. 


Contains Pentapeptides which hydrates and provides vital moisture and Vitamin E and Green Tea which helps to sooth.




Always read the label before use.

  • RenewYOU Cancertology Inc was formed in the USA by licensed Oncology Esthetician, Susan Wolf LE, COE, LMT after working with Cancer patients for more than seven years.

    Patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer treatments often experience an increase of dry skin on their face, hands and feet, blotchy patches,  and they can suffer an acne like reaction or even develop oily skin. 

    Most skincare products available on the High Street contain certain ingredients that can cause adverse reactions to people having treatments for cancer but, RenewYOU Cancertology has developed a range of skincare products using 'clean' ingredients to help alleviate these reactions, specifically designed for men and women undergoing these harsh treatments.