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Radiotherapy | Comfort Care Box

Radiotherapy | Comfort Care Box

Our Radiotherapy Comfort Care Box contains products to comfort and support your loved one during their radiotherapy treatment:


💙 Cooling Migraine Gel Beads Wrap - can help relieve fatigue related headaches

💙 Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream with 10% Urea - soothes sore, damaged skin

💙 VerMints Organic Mints - can help relieve radiotherapy related nausea

💙 Here for You Postcard - for your personal message

💙 Product Information Sheet - explains how each item helps

  • Cooling Migraine Gel Beads Wrap

    This therapeutic cooling migraine gel beads wrap can help promote relaxation as well as soothing headaches and minor sinus pain. The innovative technology allows the band to be heated in the microwave for warmth or chilled in the refrigerator for cold therapy. For added benefit, the band is fragranced with lavender, mandarin and geranium to help your loved one relax, unwind and feel the stress melt away. Size - 29cm (W) x 10cm (H)


    Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream with 10% Urea - 118ml

    Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream is often recommended by healthcare professionals for oncology skin care. It's a non-greasy, deeply moisturising cream which helps to prevent peeling and cracking of the skin. Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream contains 10% urea which is well-known for its hydrating, exfoliating and protecting properties. Fragrance free. Ingredients; Aqua, Urea, Stearic Acid, PED-2 Stearate, Propylene, Glycol, Isopropyl Mysristate, Dimethicone, Lanolin Oil, Paraffinum Liquidum, Triethanalomine, Allantoin, Methylbaraben, Propylparaben.


    VerMints Organic Mints - Peppermint - 40g

    Many people feel nauseous during radiotherapy treatment. Mint is well known for easing nausea and we’ve specifically chosen Vermints because they have ditched all the health-harming, chemically-modified ingredients that you usually find in mints and made super tasty mints from nature and nature only. VerMints are USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Nut-Free and Kosher. 40g tin. Peppermint flavour. Ingredients: Organic Crystallized Cane Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Maple Syrup, Natural Flavoring, Organic Ground Peppermint Leaves, Agar, Gum Tragacanth.


    Here For You Postcard

    Our exclusive 'Here for you' postcard is a perfect way to send a message to your loved one. We can write the message for you - just let us know when you check out.


    Product Information Sheet

    Our product information sheet provides your loved one with an explanation of the contents of their Care Box - explaining why each product has been chosen and how they can help to ease some of the side effects of their radiotherapy treatment.


    Please note: we always advise patients speak to their radiotherapy team for approval of any skincare products prior to use.


    In the unlikely event that an item within our Care Box is unavailable, CancerPal reserves the right to substitute it with a similar item of equal or greater value than the original, in order to ensure your Care Box is sent out without delay.

  • Alyce (via Etsy)


    "I bought this for someone before she started her therapy, it’s so beautifully packaged and well researched she loved it. She checked with the nurses in charge of her care who were amazed by the products inside and said they would be recommending them to patients in the future. Thankyou so, so much for such a valuable resource."


    Sandra (via Etsy)


    "This was bought for my sister in law who has had a recent diagnosis. She received this and was so overwhelmed and loved it."


    Kerri (via Etsy)


    "Recipient loved it, thank you."


    TAndy (via Etsy)


    "Very well packed. Great communication from the seller. I’m sure the recipient will find the contents useful."

    Michelle (via Etsy)


    "My friend loved this thank you."

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