Radiotherapy  | Letterbox Gift

Radiotherapy | Letterbox Gift


This Radiotherapy Letterbox gift is specifically designed to help ease some of the side effects of radiotherapy treatment such as fatigue and nausea.


Our Letterbox Gifts are perfectly packaged to fit through a letterbox.


This Radiotherapy Letterbox gift contains;


💙 Gel Beads Soothing Eye Mask


💙 Himalayan Bath Salt Sachet


💙 Vermints


💙 Here for you Postcard


💙 Product Information Sheet

  • Gel Beads Soothing Eye Mask

    This gel eye mask is ideal for relieving tired, strained eyes whether from sleepless nights or the general stresses and strains that cancer brings. Known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, lavender is mixed with mandarin and geranium to reduce puffiness and tension around the eye area. Fitted with adjustable straps and with soft fabric on the reverse, the mask is designed with comfort in mind. Try applying throughout the day whenever you could do with a moment of peace, or at night time to benefit from the full spectrum of its soothing qualities.


    Himalayan Bath Salt Sachet - 75g

    This sachet of Himalayan Bath Salts from the Little Shop of Lathers is a blend of coarse and fine pink Himalayan Salts. Softening and hydrating, these salts are an excellent way to help you to relax. They are inspired by the best that nature has to offer for beautifully pampering luxury. Himalayan Bath Salts are calming and soothing, moisturising and hydrating for your skin and have been used for centuries in beauty and Spa/Wellness treatments. Single serving.


    Vermints - Peppermint - 40g

    Patients may feel nauseous during radiotherapy treatment. Mint is well known for easing nausea and we’ve specifically chosen Vermints because they have ditched all the gross, health-harming, chemically-modified stuff that you usually find in mints and made super tasty mints from nature and nature only. VerMints are USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Nut-Free and Kosher. 40g tin.


    Here For You Postcard

    Our exclusive 'Here for you' postcard is a perfect way to send a message to your loved one. We can write the message for you - just let us know when you check out.


    Product Information Sheet

    Our product information sheet provides your loved one with an explanation of the contents of their Care Box - explaining why each product has been chosen and how they can help to ease some of the side effects of your loved one’s radiotherapy treatment.


    Please note patients should speak to their radiotherapy team for approval of any new skincare products prior to use.