Portable Bath Sitz

Portable Bath Sitz


This strong plastic sitz bath or portable bidet has been designed to fit into the top of any standard toilet. The bidet bowl simply slips into the existing toilet bowl, requiring no fitting, to create an ideal aid for personal hygiene. The bidet has a soap dish built into the front and can be removed easily, cleaned and stored for future use.


If your loved one has discomfort in the anal area from diarrhoea, sitting in a shallow bath of warm water or a sitz bath for 15 minutes, several times a day may help reduce any discomfort and can help speed up the healing process by boosting the blood flow to the affected area. This also enables gentle cleansing if the area is too painful to touch.


  • Bidet width: 338mm (13.3")
  • Bidet length: 359mm (14.1")
  • Bidet depth: 130mm (5")
  • Bidet weight: 325 gms
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