Pilfood Anti Hairloss Spray

Pilfood Anti Hairloss Spray


Pilfood is a brand of products created by Spanish pharmaceutical and health products company Laboratorios Serra Pamies to address hair problems in men and women.


Pilfood Hairloss treatment has been specially formulated as an anti hair loss treatment for daily use.
With Pro-Anegex and vitamins E, C, B3, B5 and B6, it acts directly on the scalp, toning and slowing down hair loss and promoting the growth of new hair. It effectively combines the action of stimulating and restructuring hair with ingredients essential for healthy hair.


125 ml.

  • Pilfood Anti Hairloss Spray contains PRO-ANAGEX - an anti hair loss and capillary revitalising molecule which is exclusive to Pilfood.


    PRO-ANAGEX has scientifically proven efficacy and works in 4 main ways:
    - encourages the growth of new hair

    - increases hair density and brings volume to hair

    - slows down hair loss

    - tones the scalp

    Does not make hair greasy and dries quickly.