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Nail Treatment | OnicoLife Nail Drops

Nail Treatment | OnicoLife Nail Drops

Again Life Italia, the company that produces Onicolife Nail Drops has closed down and is no longer producing Onicolife Nail Drops. We understand how disappointing this is and we have searched for alternative products to help care for nails during chemotherapy.


Polybalm is clinically proven to reduce chemotherapy induced nail damage.

MEME Nail Care Pen repairs damaged nails and soothes cuticles.

MEME Fortifying Solution strengthens and stimulates nail growth.

FlexiNail has had impressive results although not necessarily with cancer patients.

  • Key to the effectiveness of OnicoLife Nail Drops is the new patented compound called Fatty Acids Group made of a specific group of fatty acids together with PEA (an amide of fatty acid) which is able to control mast cells and macrophages re-activity. In fact they play a significant role in causing inflammation and also in the wound healing process. By controlling the mast cells and macrophages OnicoLife Nail Drops restore the capability of the skin and nails to respond to and repair the damage caused by chemotherapy.


    OnicoLife Nail Drops also contain other constituents which support wound healing and have an anti- bacterial and anti-fungal action.


    OnicoLife Nail Drops can also be used in the postinfection phase and in the postoperative period as well as in the following conditions: onychorrhexis (vertical ridges), onychoschizia (nail splitting), xanthonychia (yellow nail colouration), malanonychia (brown or black lines) and onychocryptosis (ingrown toenail).

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