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Nausea Relief Diffuser Bracelet

Nausea Relief Diffuser Bracelet

These pretty nausea relief diffuser bracelets are designed to be worn with the wooden bead over the P6 (or Neiguan) acupressure point on the inside of the wrist. Acuppresure has been clinically proven to relieve nausea.


You can also add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the wooden bead and faux suede. Aromatherapy i.e. smelling essential oil vapours has been shown to help relieve sickness and nausea. 


Each bracelet also has a natural Rose Quartz slider bead. Rose Quartz is a healing crystal and is the stone of friendship, love and harmony making this nausea relief diffuser bracelet a really special gift for you or a friend.


This listing is for a set of 2 nausea relief diffuser bracelets. The bracelets arrive with the card shown in the last image, explaining how to use them and the meaning behind the healing crystal.

  • These nausea relief diffuser bracelets are made from a faux suede that will absorb essential oils well, and hold them for a day or so. This material is also soft to wear on your wrist.


    The wooden bead is made from beech wood and will also absorb essenital oils well.


    The size of the bead means that when the bracelet is pulled snug to the wrist, the bead can sit against the P6 acupressure point on the inside of your wrist, and this point, when pressed, is known to help alleviate the symptoms of nausea.


    The bracelet is adjustable by using the Rose Quartz slider bead. One size fits most adults. Please note, the bracelets sit well against your wrist for a long time, but if you move around a lot or catch them then they will move naturally.

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