Nausea Comfort Care Box

Nausea Comfort Care Box


This Nausea Comfort Care Box is full of products that have been recommended to help ease the feelings of nausea. By gifting this thoughtful and comforting Care Box you will be showing your love and support in a practical way.


The Nausea Comfort Care Box contains the following items:

💙Gin-Gins Chewy Ginger Candy

💙Queasy Drops

💙Vermints - peppermint

💙Anti-Nausea Wrist Bands

💙Nausea Relief Pulse Point Oil

💙Pukka Teabags - lemon, ginger & manuka honey

Product Information Sheet

Flavour of Queasy Drops
  • ~Gin-Gins Chewy Ginger Candy~

    Ginger is an ancient herb used widely throughout history for its many natural medicinal properties. The best available evidence demonstrates that ginger is an effective treatment for nausea and vomiting. These chewy ginger sweets are a popular and enjoyable alternative to anti-nausea medicine. 84g box. 

    *Please note they are produced in a facility that also processes soya and peanuts.


    ~Queasy Drops~

    Queasy Drops have been developed by healthcare professionals. They contain powerful essential oils proven to relieve nausea. They are completely natural, drug free and 100% safe. Queasy Drops are also a natural way to alleviate a dry mouth and strange tastes in the mouth. They can be a great way to manage nausea and queasiness during chemotherapy treatment. 

    Each pack contains 21 pieces in the following delicious natural flavours; assorted flavours (Sour Raspberry, Green Tea with Lemon, Ginger, Banana & Natural Cola), sugar free assorted flavours (Ginger, Papaya, Natural Cola, Banana, Sour Raspberry) or pink (sour raspberry).

    You can let us know which flavour you'd like in your care box when you place your order.

    *Please note they are produced in a facility that also processes peanuts.


    ~Vermints - peppermint~

    Mint is well known for easing nausea or an upset stomach. We’ve specifically chosen Vermints because they’ve made super tasty mints from nature and nature only. VerMints are USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Nut-Free and Kosher. 40g tin.


    ~Anti-Nausea Wrist Bands~

    Anyone who has experienced nausea will know how draining it can be. This is why we have included these anti-nausea wristbands as a natural way to ease some of the negative effects it can have on your loved one. Research has shown that patients who wore acupressure wristbands reported less chemotherapy-related nausea on the day of treatment compared with those who didn't wear them. The plastic stud attached to the inside of the wrist band exerts pressure and stimulates the P6 (or Nei-Guan) acupressure point. It is widely believed that pressure on this point relieves nausea and vomiting.


    ~Nausea Relief Pulse Point Oil~

    This bespoke essential oil blend has been created by clinical aromatherapist, Hinda Mirreh in order to help relieve the feelings of nausea. The soothing aromatherapy blend is conveniently sized to be popped in your handbag.

    Lightly roll over your pulse points to release the aromatic and help soothe your nausea.


    ~Pukka Teabags - lemon, ginger & manuka honey~

    It’s important to stay hydrated when suffering from nausea and sipping clear liquids is often recommended. The lemon, ginger & manuka honey pukka teabags are made with organic slow-dried lemons and ginger root, combined with manuka honey to offer a welcome cup of spicy-sweet bliss.


    ~Product Information Sheet~

    Our product information sheet provides your loved one with an explanation of the contents of their Care Box - explaining why each product has been chosen and how they can help to relieve the feelings of nausea.

All of the content on the CancerPal website has been carefully curated from information, advice & tips provided by other people who have been affected by cancer, but it doesn’t in any way constitute medical advice. If you have any concerns, please ensure your loved one speaks to their medical care team.
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