Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


Silk pillowcases are known for being kind to both hair and skin. Silk's smooth surface creates less friction for fragile hair strands and so helps to prevent breakage. Silk's naturally cool surface will also help regulate temperature to aid a restful night's sleep.


Made from the highest quality 19 momme mulberry silk on the front with super soft satin on the reverse. 


Beautifully packaged and presented in a gift box, this silk pillowcase would make a wonderful gift if not a treat for yourself. 


Colour: silver.

  • A silk pillowcase is a must to help protect fragile chemo hair. 

    Unlike cotton, silk is non-absorbent, which means these pillow cases are ideal for helping to retain moisture in your hair (and skin -  BONUS!). Moisturised hair is less prone to breakage and with silk's smooth surface your hair will also be less likely to knot and tangle.  

  • This one sided pillowcase is made from the highest quality 19 momme mulberry silk.

    Hand wash only with silk detergent. Do not tumble dry and keep out of direct sunlight.