Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase protects fragile chemo hair by creating less friction whilst you sleep. The smooth surface allows hair to glide across eliminating bed head and frizz all together and the silk pulls less at the hair cuticle compared to most other pillowcases leading to less hair loss.


This gorgeous 100% mulberry silk pillowcase from SleepINBeauty makes a luxurious present for a loved one concerned about hairloss.


As well as hair benefits, their skin will also benefit. SleepInBeauty silk will draw less moisture from your skin which will leave you feeling beautifully hydrated in the morning. The smooth surface will also cause less friction and creasing of the skin which develop into wrinkles.

Plus, Sleep IN Beauty silk helps keep body temperature regulated throughout the night. The silk keeps your body cooler compared to standard pillowcases by reducing sweat and overheating. These thermoregulation properties will allow for a more restful and deep sleep.



  • 100% luxury mulberry silk pillowcase
  • Mulberry silk 22 momme weight Grade 6A (highest quality weight available for pillowcases)
  • Non-toxic, untreated fabric
  • Pillowcase is elegantly folded into a stylish black and gold gift box
  • Standard size pillowcase (50 x 75cm)
  • Hidden Zipper design
  • Available in Ivory or Charcoal Black
  • For optimal care we recommend you wash your silk pillowcase by hand with mild detergent at  30˚C. Allow the pillowcase to  dry naturally, do not wring out excess water.

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