Microfibre Hair Towel

Microfibre Hair Towel


Luxurious, white microfibre hair towel, made of premium quality and suitable for all hair types and textures.


Hair is extra fragile when wet and wrapping hair in heavy, cotton towels can be damaging as it causes friction which can lead to breakages and split ends.


This lightweight and gentle microfibre towel is super absorbent and soft, leaving hair damp rather than drenched.

1 x white 100% microfibre hair towel - 55 x 99cm (22 x 39 inches).

Tote bag included.


  • It's really important to continue washing hair regulalry when going through chemotherapy treatment - no more than twice a week, but at least once every 10 days.

    Hair is extra fragile when it's wet because hair is made up of a number of proteins called keratins which are safely ensconced in cuticles, a protective covering a bit like flexible armour. When hair is wet, these proteins form weaker bonds meaning hair is easier to damage.

    It's really important to dry hair gently, especially when going through chemotherapy. Don't use a hairdryer - air drying is best. Pat hair gently with a towel to absorb excess water as rubbing causes friction, leading to breakages. Don't wrap hair turban style on top of your head as this puts too much pressure on the roots, leading to breakages.   

    The uneven surface of a regular cotton towel roughens up cuticles and only absorbs moisture from the surface of the hair which tends to leave hair messy and frizzy.

    Microfibre is super absorbent, soft and friction free leaving hair damp rather than drenched, reducing air drying time.

  • This microfibre hair towel is easy to maintain: machine washable 30°C and let air dry.