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Microblading Eyebrow Pen

Microblading Eyebrow Pen

Create natural and long-lasting eyebrows with this microblading eyebrow pen.


These microblading pens have a four fork nib which enables you to quickly and easily draw and fill fine brush strokes, creating realistic and natural-looking brows.


Long lasting and waterproof, providing 24-hour smudgeproof brows.


Available in 4 colours: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey Brown and Black. 


  • These microblading eyebrow pens are designed to give you effortless control over your brow shape and definition. With their four-fork tip heads, they allow you to draw precise lines and fill in your eyebrows seamlessly, resulting in a natural appearance.


    Microblading eyebrow pens are easy to use, making them suitable for beginners - you don't need any special skills to achieve beautiful brows. Simply use the four-fork tip to draw and fill, and you're ready to go.


    The waterproof formula ensures that your eyebrows stay put all day long. Whether you're sweating, facing rain, or enjoying water sports, the microblading eyebrow pen won't smudge or fade.


     Easily removeable with makeup remover or oil cleanser.