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Instant Smoothie Sachet - Deep Red

Instant Smoothie Sachet - Deep Red

Deep Red Smoothie Sachet | Strawberry - Blueberry - Blackcurrant - Banana - Raspberry


These smoothie sachets are an easy way to get some healthy nutrition if you are feeling nauseous from cancer treatments.


Sublim Smoothie Sachets are made from 100% pure fruit and they just need to be added to water, juice or milk to make a quick, easy and nutritious smoothie or shake. 


Each smoothie sachet contains 200 grams of fresh fruit (half of the recommended daily amount) that has been dehydrated at very low temperatures in order to preserve the nutritional benefits. The only ingredients you’ll find in these sachets are fruit.

  • 100% FRUIT, 100% NATURAL

    Sublim Instant Smoothie Sachets are made using simply fruit. Fruits are harvested when mature when their nutrient content is highest. They are then washed, peeled and frozen on site to preserve their vitamins & minerals.


    The fruit then undergoes a sublimation-based low-temperature dehydration technology, which gently removes the water from fruit. This method of dehydration consists of passing water from the solid state (ice) directly to the gaseous state, without going through the liquid state. This physical process is carried out near 0°C. Thus the fruits are not subjected to destructive temperatures which preserves their taste, nutrients and fibre. 


    The fruit is then transformed into powder, in order to facilitate their assembly and their rehydration. Nothing is added - no preservatives or coluorings. 


    They just contain fruits with all the best in them.

  • 100% FRUIT, 100% NATURAL

    Strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, banana, raspberry and date.

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