Inner Strength Tokens Boost Box

Inner Strength Tokens Boost Box


Our Boost Boxes have been designed to give your loved one a little 'boost' when they need it most - whether they have just been diagnosed, are facing the dreaded ‘scanxiety’ or are simply in need of a mid-treatment pick me up, our Inner Strength Boost Boxes are a thoughtful and affordable way of showing your support. Each item has been handpicked to help your loved channel their inner strength.


Our Inner Strength Tokens Boost Boxes contain the following treats:


- Ceramic Word Pebble (Select 'Pebble')

Our beautiful word pebbles have been designed and created by the award winning potter Colette Evans. Made from Earthenware clay and hand stamped with the word “strength”, these positive word pebbles are an excellent way of helping with negative feelings to give courage and strength.  The pebbles fit nicely in the palm of your hand or can be slipped into a pocket or bag and are a constant reminder to your loved one of your support.


- You are a Diamond – nothing can break you Keyring (Select 'Keyring')

These 'Diamond' charm keyrings are handmade in the UK by LauraJane and make thoughtful tokens for loved ones who need strength, support and encouragement.


- Positivity Postcard

We include one of our Positivity Postcards in each of our Boost Boxes with space on the back for your handwritten message – which we can write for you if we’re sending the box directly to your loved one. Positivity Postcards are assigned at random with messages including ‘you are stronger than you think you are’, ‘the pig of persistence – keep going’, ‘the deep breaths pufferfish – you will get through this’ and ‘the chin up chicken’.

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