Hotteeze Self Adhesive Disposable Heat Pad

Hotteeze Self Adhesive Disposable Heat Pad


Hotteeze Heat Pads are a natural, drug-free pain relief patch which is perfect for those times when you need a steady supply of heat. Use to reduce pain and to comfort tired muscles and stiff joints.


Unlike a wheat bag or hot water bottle which are bulky and visible, the lightweight, compact design of Hotteeze makes them a portable and discreet method of pain relief perfect for use on the go.


Self adhesive with up to 14 hours of heat.


Odourless and eco-friendly.


Each pad measures 132mm x 100mm.


Always read the instructions before use. NEVER STICK DIRECTLY ON TO SKIN.

  • When to Use Hotteeze

    • To keep warm
    • To relieve muscle soreness, strain and spasms
    • To ease lower back, neck and shoulder pain
    • To decrease joint stiffness
    • To increase flexibility

    Benefits of Hotteeze

    • Natural - drug-free pain relief
    • Odourless, slim and ultra-light.
    • Self-heating and long-lasting - Hotteeze Heat Pads stay hot for up to 14 hours
    • High-quality - made in Japan under the strictest quality controls
    • Eco-friendly - Hotteeze are made from biodegradable ingredients, so when finished, simply cut the pad open and sprinkle the materials in your garden or pot plants as a soil conditioner. The outer wrapping is non-combustible