HeadaTerm is a clinically proven, safe and effective device worn on users’ foreheads that uses none-invasive neuronal electrical stimulation technology to prevent and treat headaches, including migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, depression and insomnia.


Pack Includes:
1×HeadaTerm migraine headache relief device
3×Conductive gel
3×Head straps

1×Instruction manual

  • Safety Approved:

    HeadaTerm offers physical therapy based on electrical stimulation. No use of drugs. No worries about potential side-effects. Works quickly. 


    Effective Against Headaches

    Migraines; Cluster migraines; Tension headaches; Depression; Insomnia.


    Optional Electric Stimulation Intensity

    The intensity of the treatment will increase to the strongest level within 5 minutes. During this period, users can choose the appropriate intensity according to their own experience to achieve the best effect. Press the button once to maintain the intensity.


    Compact and Easy to Carry

    HeadaTerm is very small and light, making it convenient not only to use at home or at the office, but also on trips and outdoor travelling.


    Contains 21 rounds of standard therapies

    The device works for 20 minutes at a time and lasts up to 7 hours in total. It doesn't require charging in between uses. The batteries cannot be replaced and the unit must be disposed of after 7 hours of use.