Ecrinal Nail Strengthener

Ecrinal Nail Strengthener


ECRINAL Vitamin Nail Strengthener with Silk Lipesters can harden, repair and strengthen weakened nails. Strengthens, fortifies and repairs nails whilst protecting against bacterial and fungal attacks.




Formaldehyde and toluene free.


Always read the label before use.

  • It’s common for nails to become dry, weak and brittle as a side effect of cancer treatment. Weak nails are more likely to break and cause discomfort, plus nail damage, such as hang nails, torn cuticles or lost nails can allow bacteria in, which could lead to infection, which can be serious when your immune system is compromised from chemotherapy.


    The CancerPal Guide to Looking After Nails During Chemotherapy Treatment provides more information about caring for your nails, but  if chemotherapy treatment has left your nails soft and weak, we recommend using Ecrinal Nail Strengthener in order to protect and strengthen nails.


    Please note that we don't recommend using Ecrinal Nail Strengthener on damaged nails.