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Dorna Bamboo Chemo Hat (multiple colours)

Dorna Bamboo Chemo Hat (multiple colours)

The beautiful Dorna Chemo Hat features an elegant, vintage aesthetic with all the glamour of gorgeous Hollywood starlets.


  • Fabric: 95% Breathable Bamboo, 5% Spandex
  • No seams inside – gentle on the scalp
  • Covers your entire hairline
  • Double layering
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Can be worn all day – doesn’t put pressure on the ears
  • One size fits most; 54-57 cm/ 21.25 – 22.5 inches. A hidden elastic strip at the back allows for size flexibility and a secure fit.
  • This Dorma Chemo Hat is crafted from organic bamboo fabric which is an exquisitely soft material, making it delightfully comfortable to wear.


    Bamboo fabric is extra absorbent and highly breathable with antiperspirant properties, so it will keep you cool when your head is hot and warm you up, and keep you cosy when your head gets cold.