Dermatonics Soothing Foot Cream

Dermatonics Soothing Foot Cream


Dermatonics Soothing Foot Cream rapidly soothes and relieves itchiness which may be caused by conditions such as athlete’s foot, diabetes, dermatitis or other dry skin conditions. It also simultaneously removes any dry or hard skin, and can simply be used as a moisturiser as well.


Formulated without any perfume, Dermatonics Soothing Foot Cream contains Finnish Colloidal Oatmeal, and gives noticeable results in just 1 day.


Suitable for people with diabetes. Vegetarian-friendly.




Always read the label before use.

  • Dermatonics have developed a range of highly effective products which include carefully-selected natural ingredients – proven to treat conditions such as dry or cracked skin, and itching.

    Dermatonics products can make a noticeable difference within just days, leaving your skin feeling beautifully smooth and fully restored.