Dermatonics Heel Balm Manuka Honey

Dermatonics Heel Balm Manuka Honey


Dermatonics Natural Care Heel Balm contains 25% Urea and New Zealand Manuka Honey which hydrates and draws moisture into your skin, making it ideal for people with very dry feet.


It absorbs quickly, with a pleasant scent that appeals to both men and women, giving visible results in just 1 day for most people.


This product is suitable for people with diabetes, and is also vegetarian-friendly.




Always read the label before use.

  •  Some chemotherapy drugs can cause the skin to become dry, cracked and peeling, especially on the hands and feet.

    People with cracked skin are more prone to infections because the skin barrier is broken. Bacteria and other germs can get inside the skin and cause an infection which can be especially problematic if the immune system is already low from chemotherapy treatment.

    Therefore it's really important to look after your skin during chemotherapy treatment and we especially recommend Dermatonics Heel Balm because it works guaranteed* gives visible results in just 1 day for most people.

    * If you do not see an improvement, return the tube and receipt of purchase to the Dermatonics website for their money back guarantee.