Dear Cancer - Victoria Derbyshire

Dear Cancer - Victoria Derbyshire


Dear Cancer: A diary of hope to help you through by Victoria Derbyshire. (Paperback)


Moving and wonderfully warm-hearted, this is Victoria Derbyshire's honest and authentic account of how she dealt with a devastating breast cancer diagnosis.

  • In 2015, Victoria Derbyshire found herself with a devastating breast cancer diagnosis. With honesty and openness in DEAR CANCER, LOVE VICTORIA she shares her day to day experiences of life following her diagnosis and coming to terms with a future that wasn't planned. From the moment she woke up to find her right breast had collapsed, to telling her partner and children, through to mastectomy and chemotherapy. By sharing her story, she became the person that mums, daughters, sisters, husbands, boyfriends and family members contacted to thank as they tried to find ways to cope with their own and their loved ones' prognosis and needed to know that they were not alone.

    According to Good Housekeeping “this book should be handed out on the NHS” and whilst unfortunately it isn't available on the NHS, you can get it here instead.