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Thymuskin Med Set 200ml

Thymuskin Med Set 200ml

Thymuskin Med Shampoo - 200ml and Thymuskin Med Serum - 200ml.


Thymuskin Med hair loss shampoo and serum are dermatological hair products that has been clinically proven* to help with Alopecia Areata or circular hair loss or spot balding and the activation of new hair growth for both men and women. Thymuskin Med is highly effective and does not have any side effects, even with long term use.


The Alopecia Areata Association of Germany mentions Thymuskin among its presented treatment approaches.


The Thymuskin system consists of the combined application of Thymuskin Shampoo and Thymuskin Scalp Serum. By using the shampoo first, it prepares the scalp for treatment with the Thymuskin serum.


- Silicon and paraben free

- 200ml

- Not tested on animals


Always read the label before use.

Products also available in 100ml.

  • Thymuskin was developed in Germany over 25 years by 9 physicians whose main focus was patients suffering from hair loss as a result of chemotherapy.


    Anyone who wishes to promote natural hair growth and strengthen weak hair needs to literally go to the root of the problem and that is exactly what Thymuskin does with the scientifically tested method of treatment with thymus peptides to obtain natural, healthy hair without side effects.


    Numerous studies show that thymic peptides have a regenerating and strengthening effect on the hair follicles - and can stop hair loss.


    The Thymuskin active ingredient complex is an integrated reproduction of the natural thymus extract - a peptide structure modelled on nature. Peptides are the building blocks of life for the skin and hair. Each of these thymus peptides has a specific task. The function of 'signal' peptides can be simplified like the operation of a light switch. In this way, cell processes can be triggered or prevented. Thus, numerous Thymuskin peptides evolve into a positive, synergistic and nature-like effect.


    The biological effectiveness of Thymuskin is particularly evident in the activation of the hair cells (keratinocytes), which influence the physiological growth of the hair. The hair formation is stimulated and the growth phase extended. Various enzymes that play a crucial role in the development of hair loss are inhibited. This stimulates hair growth in a sustainable way.


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