Chemotherapy Care Box

Chemotherapy Care Box


Our Chemotherapy Care Box is packed full of the following treats and pick me ups:


~Gin Gins Hard Candy~

~Chemotherapy 'Aid' Drinks Bottle~

~Adult Colouring Set~

~Scented Wheat Pack~

~Cuticle Care Balm~

~Honey & Vanilla Lip Balm~

~Positivity Postcard~


Each Care Box is beautifully hand packed in an environmentally friendly cardboard gift box, and includes a notecard explaining the benefits that each gift brings.

Positivity Postcard
  • Let’s face it chemotherapy is daunting. If a loved one is about to start chemo they’re likely to be anxious about it. Show them your support with a thoughtful, handpicked gift packed full of useful and comforting goodies to help support them through their treatment.

  • ~Gin Gins Hard Candy

    Given Ginger's queasy-quelling properties, Gin Gins Hard Candy sweets are a great way to help combat chemo induced nausea. This 150g bag contains double strength ginger, hard boiled sweets made with all natural ingredients and packed with 16% fresh ginger.

    ~Chemotherapy 'Aid' Drinks Bottle

    It’s so important to stay hydrated when you’re having chemo and a great way to prompt your loved one is to give them their own Chemotherapy 'Aid' water bottle. These fruit diffuser bottles have a section in which you can place fresh fruit to give your water a gentle fruity taste. This is removable to make cleaning super easy and means the bottle can also be used without the fruit attachment. They are BPA free, measure approximately 30cm tall and have a lift up handle for carrying.

    ~Adult Colouring Set

    Chemotherapy appointments involve lots of waiting and hanging round and your loved one is sure to appreciate this adult colouring set as a creative way of passing the time. Adult colouring has been proven to aid relaxation and de-stressing as well as alleviating boredom. This Colour Therapy folding travel set contains 1 x pack of 12 coloured pencils and 2 x 30 sheet colouring pads.

    ~Scented Wheat Pack

    A common side effect of chemo is achy muscles and joints and these beautiful, handmade wheat packs from the Scented Bag Company will help soothe away aches and pains in all parts of the body. Simply heat in a microwave for immediate use for relief to the neck, shoulders, back, elbows, ankles, feet, hands and stomach cramps. 
Use as a cold compress from the refrigerator or freezer for relief from swellings and bruises and to ease headaches and migraines. 
The wheat pack is approximately 12cm in height x 40cm in width and is scented with the soothing fragrance of Red Berries.

    ~Cuticle Care Balm

    Another common side effect of chemotherapy treatment can be sore, dry and brittle nails. This fantastic Cuticle Care Balm from the Little Shop of Lathers is a handmade aromatherapy treatment for softening and treating dry, cracked and sore cuticles and nails. Full of essential oils to soften and soothe skin, rejuvenate and calm, this little pot packs a punch! The 10g pot contains the following ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Frankincense Oil, Myrhh Essential Oil.

    ~Honey & Vanilla Lip Balm

    Sore, chapped lips can be another unwelcome side effect of chemo and your loved one is sure to appreciate this gorgeous Honey & Vanilla flavoured Lip Balm from the Little Shop of Lathers. It’s handmade and contains natural oils, which have been proven to be more effective than petroleum based balms. The 10g pot contains the following ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Vanilla Flavour Oil, Honey Flavour Oil

    ~Positivity Postcard

    We include one of our Positivity Postcards in each of our Chemotherapy Care Boxes with space on the back for your handwritten message – which we can write for you if we’re sending the box directly to your loved one. Let us know which Positivity Postcard you'd like us to include when you place your order. Choose from 'Chin Up Chicken', 'Deep Breaths Pufferfish', 'Pig of Persistence' or 'Weight-lifting Bunny'.

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