Chemo Headscarf with Hat - Catrina

Chemo Headscarf with Hat - Catrina

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This gorgeous easy tie headscarf is a unique design to Chemotherapy Headwear.


~Soft 100% cotton jersey chemo hat


~Head scarf is attached to the cancer hat to keep it in place when tying


~Made in the UK


Recieve a FREE Harmony chemo head scarf worth £7.00 with every order.

  • Chemotherapy Headwear have attached a head scarf to a soft 100% cotton jersey cancer hat to make it easy to put on and wear – which is perfect for those days when your energy is low or you are sore from treatment and surgery.

    The chemo hat sits below the hairline which means they are comfortable to wear, you don’t feel as though they are slipping off and they frame your face just as hair would, they are a great alternative to wearing a wig and perfect for days when you feel tired from treatment and just want something simple to wear which makes you feel beautiful.

    You can wear these gorgeous easy tie headscarves in a multitude of styles too making them wonderfully versatile - sweep the scarf over the chemo hat and tie it in a bow or simple knot at the back if you want that feeling of having hair around your neck, or for days when you want the scarf as an accent, twist the ends and secure them at the front to frame the face.

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