Catherine Headscarf - Vintage Blue

Catherine Headscarf - Vintage Blue

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A general all round scarf from Headscarves by Ciara, suitable for any time of year.


~Bamboo hat


~The scarf is stitched to the hat to prevent slippage


~Handmade in UK

  • This is a general all round scarf perfect for any time of year and will suit any outfit. The hat provides additional volume around the head to avoid that flat look we all try to get away from. The hat is made from bamboo which is ultra soft against the scalp. The scarf is stitched to the hat at the back which will ensure there are no slippage issues with tying.

    The scarf can be tied to the left or the right side. It can be left to hang at the side or the back. It can be bowed or bunned to the front side or back of the back.

    The picture shows a simple bun with a transparent elastic band wrapped over to hold it in place and secure. You will receive a packet of hair elastics when you purchase the scarf.